Construction and decoration waste resource recovery system

Construction and decoration waste resource recovery system

Construction and decoration waste is produced in the process of interior decoration in urban areas, mainly from construction sites and residential areas. The components from the waste are complex, e.g. glass product, packaging, gypsum board, cement, metal, plastics product, wood board, rubber, etc. 

The annual output of construction and decoration waste is basically equivalent to that of municipal solid waste (the national annual output of construction and decoration waste ranges from 1.55 billion tons to 2.4 billion tons). Most of its waste are recyclable material, but because of its complex components, it is difficult to classify and separate. 

The processing flow diagram of construction and decoration waste 
 The processing flow diagram of sand making with recycled aggregate
Stone brick
Wood material 
Metallic conduit 
Stainless steel alloy 
Concrete block 
Screening effect
Before   screening
Material after screening: waste metal 
Material after screening: 0-10mm aggregate 
Material after screening: 50mm aggregate
Material after screening: light fuel 
Resource profit maximization
The concrete block, sand and stone brick can be recycled as powder, fine aggregate and coarse material, etc. Metal, aluminum and copper can be used in metal recovery and re-refining. Wood material and cardboard canbe used as raw material for organic matter ,so that to recue waste ofresources. 
Different from the single operation mode in which the landfill collects waste treatment fee, the decoration waste pretreatment line can sell the recycled aggregate and metal as product to enterprises which need the material, so that to earn profit and maximize the profit from resources. 
Energy saving is reflected in two points. Firstly, the energy consumption of metal and aggregate recycling is far less than the consumption of metal smelting, sand mining and manufacturing. Secondly, RDF fuel can be contained from decoration waste to replace coal and save energy. Harden offers a complete solution for preparing RDF fuel.
Most of the decoration waste will be recycled after the preliminary sorting, which reduces the encroachment on the land and the environmental problems caused by the waste combustion to the greatest extent. 

Bar screen

Screens different size material / Short maintenance duration / High wear resistance 

3D screen

Multilayer structure design ensures screening size / Convenient installation 

Density separator

Simple structure design / Adjustable outlet angle and air volume / Negative pressure suction 

Magnetic separator 

Effectively removes the metal / Enclosed space to avoid the leakage of the dust 

Dust separator

Effectively removes the dust, with excellent sealing performance and low energy cost 

Intelligent sorting platform

Robot sorting / Well-adapted      

Workshop diagram