Medical waste shredding system

Medical waste shredding system

Medical waste refers to the polluting waste which is produced by hospital, such as used cotton balls, cloth, tape, waste water, disposable medical equipment, disposable masks and so on. At present, the treatment methods of medical waste mainly include sanitary landfill method, high temperature incineration method, microwave sterilization method, pyrolysis method and plasma method, etc. In these processing applications, the shredding procedure is essential and it is also a very key step. 

With rich experience in medical waste treatment, the professional medical waste shredder from Harden can effectively deal with all kinds of medical waste. After shredding, the material size is homogeneous, and 95% of the material is less than 50mm, so that to achieve the purpose of shredding and destruction, improving the incineration efficiency. The medical waste shredder has good sealing performance and corrosion resistance. 

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Medical waste processing system 
Primary shredding system 
①Bucket elevator   ② Shredder    ③ Screw conveyor
Secondary shredding system 
① Lifter   ② Primary shredder   ③ Secondary shredder   ④ Screw conveyor
Effect picture of primary shredding
Effect picture of secondary shredding
Technical parameters
Motor power(KW)
Cutting chamber(AxB) (mm)

Drive mode
Single motor
Single motor
Capacity (t/h )
Shredding material 
Shredding effect 

Imported high strength alloy knives

Steel mill supply / Stable quality / High wear resistance

Exclusive cutting chamber design 

Stable operational condition / Force decomposition / High bearing capacity

Unique spline bearing pedestal 

Fast replacement of main shaft / Uniform force / High fatigue strength 

Transmission protection structure 

Labyrinth dust prevention / Oil isolation / Long service life

Professional hydraulic system 

Automatic control / Pressure & speed regulation / International brand 

PLC intelligent automatic control 

Overloading protection 

The display of core equipment
Stable operation / Low maintenance cost
Double shaft shredder-Single drive

Gear impact resistance / Heat-treat alloy spindle 

Belt conveyor
Anticorrosive material / Intelligent control function of start & stop and emergency stop, etc.
Selected cases 
Medical waste project, Guangdong, China
Medical waste project, Shandong, China