Industrial Hazardous Waste Shredding Disposal

Industrial Hazardous Waste Shredding Disposal

Product introduction

Harden introduced European hazardous waste shredding system in the early stage, and conducted several years of independent research and development according to cases experience. At present, there are nearly 100 successful cases of hazardous waste processing project made by Harden, including reliable hazardous waste shredder, full set of hazardous waste shredding and fire extinguishing system and full set of SMP hazardous waste processing system. 

Harden has an in-depth research on the details of hazardous waste system, especially the product safety, stability, sealing performance, maintenance convenience, knives strength and wear resistance and shredder structure have reached the international standard.

Technical parameters 
Motor power (KW)
Drive mode 
Hydraulic driven 
Hydraulic driven 
Cutting chamber(AxB) (mm)
Capacity (t/h )
Key application fields 
Shredding technology features
Intelligent feeding system
1. Weighing system
2. Appearance detection
3. Pallet recovery
European configuration
1. Imported hydraulic motor, reducer and hydraulic pump  from Europa

2. 40Mpa—The highest pressure is up to 40Mpa

Sealing and explosion venting
1. Installation surface sealing treatment
2. Gas and liquid sealing
3. High pressure explosion venting safety protection
Nitrogen protection system
1. The system automatically pumps nitrogen
2. Online detection of oxygen content
3. Centralized waste gas collection
Hydraulic driven feeder push
1. Heavy loading structure design
2. Height difference resistance
3. Polymer wear-resistant material guide rail
4. Automatic hydraulic push door
Fire extinguishing system
1. Double checking: infrared temperature measure & flame detector

2. Multi-point detection ensures the safety and stability of the system

Shredding effect
200L oil drum
Industrial slag slurry
Medical waste
Selected cases
Industrial hazardous waste shredding system, Shanghai, China 
Industrial hazardous waste shredding system, Guangdong, China
Industrial hazardous waste shredding system, Guangdong, China
Industrial hazardous waste shredding system, Jiangsu, China