Large Diameter Cardboard Tubes Shredder

Large Diameter Cardboard Tubes Shredder


It's very efficient that customers use carboard shredder to shed their own waste.

Large Diameter Cardboard Tubes Shredder

-Shred Your Cores and Tubes for Easy Baling and Recycling Profits!

Features of Harden TS612 Industrial Paper Core Shredder

Ø  Accepts cores and tubes of any size, up to 24″ in diameter with 1″ thick walls

Ø  Minimizes your solid waste disposal costs by shredding and recycling these materials


Key Advantage of Harden Paper Core Shredding Solutions

Ø  improvement on the optimization of the toolbox stress and the internal digestion, which contributes to lower vibration and higher efficiency and stability


Benefits of Harden Cardboard Tube Shredder

Ø  Reap profits from recycling cores and tubes

Ø  Save space in your facility by reducing the amount of waste


Harden TS612 Pilot in Europe for Solving Issues of Large Diameter Paper Tube Package Wastes


Harden TS612 was greatly appreciated by our European Client due to its high performance, especially since the machine runs much more smoothly and does not overload even though all the knives are engaged at the same time. Before that, his old machine got stuck frequently and needs to be repaired every year.

He said: “now we integrate the core shredder into the waste handling process which increases our recycled paper revenues — and the cores are no longer an issue for us.”


Applications of Double Shaft Shredder Harden TS612:


Ø  Dead Animals

Ø  Household Appliances

Ø  Plastics

Ø  Organic Kitchen Waste

Ø  Construction Formworks

Ø  Confidential Destruction

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