Pre-treatment System of Construction & Demolition Waste

Pre-treatment System of Construction & Demolition Waste


Construction and decoration waste is generated from the interior decoration, mainly from construction sites and residential areas; its components are complex, includes glass products, packaging materials, gypsum board, cement, brick, stone, metal, plastic products, wood board, rubber, glue, etc.

The annual output of construction and decoration waste is basically the same as that of urban domestic waste (the national annual output of construction and decoration waste in China is between 1.55 billion tons and 2.4 billion tons). Most of the wastes contain recyclable materials, but with the features of complex components, classification and difficult sorting.

Types of Construction & Demolition Waste:

Block: bricks, hollow bricks, stones, concrete block, etc.

Plastic: light plastic film, hard plastic, etc.

Timber: building template, decorative wood, furniture, etc.

Foam: decoration filler

Cardboard: packaging material

Gypsum: surface material for building interior walls and ceilings

Metal: metal pipes, handrails, doors and windows, etc.

Others: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc.

Resources Recycling

The construction and decoration waste can be recycled into economical resources again, for example, concrete, sand, bricks can be recycled into powder, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate; metals such as iron, aluminum, and copper can be recycled and re-smelted; wood and cardboard can be recycled as biomass raw materials, which greatly reduce the waste of resources.

Energy Saving

Energy saving shows in:

1.The energy consumption of metal and aggregate recycling is much less than the consumption of metal smelting, mining and manufacturing of sand and gravel;

2.The decoration waste can be sorted to obtain "RDF fuel" to replace coal, saving energy.

Harden® can provide a complete solution for pre-treatment of RDF.

Great Economic Benefits

Different from the single business model of collecting waste disposal fees in landfills, the pre-treatment line of construction and decoration waste can earn profits from recycled materials, which maximizing resource profits, for example, sell recycled aggregates, metals, etc. as products to companies in need.

Environmental Protection

After sorting by the pre-treatment for the construction and decoration waste, most of the decoration waste can be recycled; this greatly reduced the environmental problems caused by waste burning and waste land.

Material After Screening

Metal Scrap

Light Combustible Material

0-50mm Aggregate

0-10mm Fine Aggregate

Pre-treatment System of Construction and Decoration Waste 

This scheme uses a combined screening systems of different vibrating screens and relaxation screens to screen the decoration waste based on sizes, so as to obtain different sizes of powder and aggregate; then it comes to sorted by manual sorting, intelligent sorting, magnetic separation, recycling recycled resources such as cardboard, metal scrap, plastic, wood, etc.; finally it adopts air separator to screen out lightweight materials that can be used to make RDF, and maximize the value of decoration waste.

Recycled Aggregate Sand Making System

Recycled aggregate sand making system, provides two-stage crushing for those clean aggregates sieved from pretreatment system of the construction and decoration waste, and further sieving sands of different sizes such as 0-5mm, 5-10mm, and 10-20mm,

It is widely used in making paving bricks, permeable bricks, concrete, roadbed, permeable materials, and recycled green planting soil.

Bar Screen

Suitable for screening different materials, almost no clogging;

Accurate screening size and high screening quality;

Through the moving of stepped rods, makes materials loose and homogeneous;

Sufficient accessible space, convenient cleaning, short maintenance time;

Long life of parts, low power consumption, low operating cost;

Supporting components absorb residual vibration to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

Screening Machine

Suitable for a variety of materials, high screening quality;

Layered structure design to ensure accurate screening size;

No bolts on the screen surface, avoid unnecessary cleaning;

Double-layer screen surface design saves equipment and layout space;

The screen surface material is loose and homogeneous, with good passing performance;

The screen is installed without screws, and replacement is quick and easy.

Magnetic Separator

Perfect double magnetic pole structure, strong magnetic field intensity, large gradient and large suction force.

High-performance neodymium iron boron as the magnetic source, with extremely high magnetic energy, Demagnetization rate within eight years does not exceed 5%

Drum-shaped structure, with automatic correction function, fully sealed bearing seat, good sealing performance, adaptable to various harsh environments.

The belt automatically unloads iron and keeps good operation.

Density Sorter

Based on the principle of aerodynamics, achieved the purpose of sorting according to the different sedimentation rules of various solid wastes in the air.

Simple structure and easy maintaining;

Vent angle and air volume can be adjusted to adapt to different materials;

The expansion chamber is a negative pressure environment, with good separation of light substances and air, and no dust leakage.

Dust Collector

Reduce dust and improve the working environment.


strong dust removal ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, good sealing performance, low air leakage rate, low energy consumption, less covering area, stable and reliable operation, good economic benefits, long dust removal cycle.

Intelligent Sorting Platform

The intelligent sorting robot has strong adaptability to the working environment and can work continuously without interruption. It can identify materials through visual memory and intelligent detection. It can grab materials quickly, stably and accurately. The sorting speed is fast and the accuracy is high, which can get rid of manpower and ensure safe production, finally achieves the purpose of resource recycling.