Waste Tire Recyling System

Waste Tire Recyling System


Here are the facts. In China, approximately 330 million waste tires are generated in 2019 and keep growing 8% -10% a year.

Waste tires are called black pollution. As waste tires are non-biodegradable and contain heavy metals such as lead, chromium and cadmium, illegally dumped or improperly stored can pose a serious threat to public health and safety, as well as to the environment. The result can be urban blight and significant costs to residents. Waste tires can serve as a nesting area for pests and a breeding ground for mosquitoes which can spread encephalitis and other illnesses. Waste tires will not only occupy land resources, but also can catch fire and release toxic smoke.

Therefore, to eliminate these problems and help the environment, waste tires need to be recycled.

Auxiliary Fuel

The calorific value of tires is more than 8000 kcal. Most high-heat industries such as cement plants, power plants, paper mills, and smelters can use waste tires as alternative fuels, thereby reducing production costs.

Rubber Recycling

The crushed rubber powder can be widely used in highways, airplanes/sports runways, flame-retardant materials, rubber and plastic bottoms, waterproof materials and other fields. After high temperature and high pressure desulfurization, rubber powder can be used to make hoses, rubber products such as tape and rubber floor tiles.

Wire Recycling

The sieved steel wire has a rubber content of less than 1% and can be smelted into steel shots, which can be used for sand removal and rust removal of castings.

Thermal Cracking

After tire crushing, the mixed oil produced by the condensation can be used for fuel-burning power generation; the non-condensable combustible gas can be used for gas power generation after desulfurization; the separated coarse carbon black can be processed into pyrolysis carbon black for commercial application.

Waste Tire Recycling Solutions

Double Shaft Shredder

Our double shaft shredder equips intelligent double-shaft motor, with the characteristics of low speed and high torque, which can adapt to crushing various types of tires and ensure long-term stable operation;

The cutters are made of imported cold work die steel, which are powerful, tough, wear-resistant and impact resistant. The detachable structure enables quick maintenance and fully use of blades, with low maintenance costs and short replacement cycles.

Disc Screening Machine

Adjusting the disc rolling distance to screen materials that meet the requirement of particle size, or it will be returned to the crushing system again for crushing.

The discs are made of wear-resistant alloy steel plate, which is durable and suitable for various harsh working conditions.

The modularized design and the flexible setting of the processing capacity, avoids material accumulating or entangling during the screening process, makes equipment maintenance easier and faster.

Wire Separator

The rubber blocks are cut and crushed by the movable knife and the fixed knife of the separator, and qualified rubber particles and steel wires are sorted through the screen.

The front and rear symmetrical design structure of the fixed knife can realize the replacement of cutting edge in 4 directions, which improves the service life of the knife;

The knife can be repaired by linear cutting.

Both the knife box and the screen are designed with hydraulic opening and closing devices, which makes the maintenance and replacement more convenient.

Magnetic separator

We adopt permanent magnet self-unloading type of magnetic separator, which fully separates the steel wire from the rubber powder and rubber particles, improves the metal recovery rate, ensures the purity of the rubber powder and the rubber particles, and maximizes use value of the separated materials.

Dust Collector

Due to the possibility of dust pollution during crushing and transportation, bag-type dust collector can be selected to collect the dust generated in the system through the pipeline, which effectively improves the working environment and protects the staff and equipment.


The feed conveyor  adopts hinged galvanized chain plate for transmission, with the features of strong impact resistance, large bearing capacity and strong wear resistance.

The discharge conveyor adopts a snap-type sealing cover structure, which enjoys good sealing effect, easy maintenance and simple clean.

The discharge port equipped a scraper cleaning device with a chute, and a dust collecting pan is installed at the bottom to collect rubber powder for cleaning and recycle.

Electronic Control System

The main control cabinet and the control platform are mutually independent, features touch screen and button control mode, humanized interface design and easy operation; fully automatic mode can realize unmanned operation; manual mode can control the operation of a single device, choose different modes to operate freely.

Intelligent functions such as sound and light alarm, fault visualization, and automatic reminder of equipment maintenance, easy and convenient to handle faults and maintenance works.

Full coverage of video monitoring devices can communicate with the central control system to monitor the running status of the equipment in real time.

Remote Data Analysis

Establishment of real-time monitoring and diagnosis system; Automatic and efficient diagnosis;

Establishment of a message service system for device information reminding and early warning, ensure the regular maintenance and issue early warnings for the illegal operation and failures