Harden Machinery Ltd.

Harden Machinery Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of industrial shredder and waste disposal equipment in China. With a growing market and hundreds of successful cases we built, Harden became the most trustworthy brand in China, also it`s being more and more popular worldwide. Thanks to rich experience and our strong R&D team, Harden always keeps advanced in technologies.

Harden supplies competitive shredding machines worldwide, including:

-Single shaft shredder

-Double shaft shredder

-Quad shaft shredder

-Primary shredder 

-Hydraulic shredder

Also we offer a wide range of one-stop solutions such as,

-MRF system for MSW

-SMP system for hazardous waste

-Shredding disposal system for organic waste, paper mill waste and bulky waste

We are now looking for projector cooperators & agents worldwide. Welcome to contact us.